Welcome! This is BLPaudio, your provider for studio & location recording, acoustical & system consulting, and audio education.


About Us

BLPaudio was started in New York city in 2007 by engineer Brett Leonard. As an engineer, he has worked with a number of Grammy-winning artists, engineers, and producers on projects ranging from low-budget EPs to major label releases. Brett is not only an active freelance recording engineer, but also an active audio researcher and author specializing in room acoustics and immersive audio. Brett provides consulting services for room design and treatment, as well as complete system design for studio and sound reinforcement. Brett is also very involved with audio education, currently serving as the director of music technology programs at the University of Indianapolis, with previous appointments at McGill University and University of Nebraska at Omaha. For a full list of work experience, publications, and credits, check out Brett's curriculum vitae .

But BLPaudio is more than just a single person. BLPaudio has a network of engineers, consultants and researchers stretching from California to New York, from Germany to Japan, ready to collaborate and assist you with any and all of your audio needs!